Try Out The Swedish Fitness Trend

Written by Maïlys Dussert, adidas Runner Paris Plogging is a Swedish fitness trend sweeping the globe. No, it’s not a crazy workout fad or dance video challenge. ”Plogging” is literally the combination of the Swedish word “plocka upp” (to pick up) and the English word “jogging”. For runners, it’s a great way to give back […]

Run To Help End Plastic Waste

For decades we used plastic too selfishly. We wrapped our food in it, made clothes with it, took our groceries home in it, and consumed it without much regard to what it would do to our planet. As a society, we know we have a plastic problem that we need to innovate our way out […]

7 Tips to Help You Avoid Plastic and Reduce Your Waste

Did you know that most plastic bags are used for an average of just 12 minutes before they are thrown away? Every day, each one of us contributes to the plastic waste that eventually gets dumped into our oceans. The European Parliament Research Service estimates that we have there are more than 150 million tons […]

How to Start Running >> 8 Tips for Beginners

Are you a new runner? Have you decided to start running to improve your fitness? Before lacing up your shoes, check out these 8 extremely useful running tips for beginners from running expert Sascha Wingenfeld. 1. Start with short running intervals Are you super-excited to start your running training? As a new runner, you shouldn’t […]

Find Running Motivation in Accountability Groups

Your running shoes have been staring at you for days. You just can’t bring yourself to lace them up and head out for a run. Why are some people able to make running a regular part of their routine while others struggle with it? There are a million factors that affect your motivation level, but […]

Make Money And Be-Your-Own-Boss Dumpster Diver

The KnowHowToEarn.Com Researched & SelectedVIDEO OF THE DAY For Your Info Viewing Pleasure Make Money And Be-Your-Own-Boss Dumpster Diver Dumpster Diving is the practice of searching through public trash dumpsters fordiscarded items that retain some use or value to the diver. It is legal in the UnitedStates, except where prohibited by local laws (private property, […]

What is Proper Running Form? 3 Tips to Run Better

Maybe you’ve been running regularly for a while now, but it still doesn’t seem quite effortless or even enjoyable. Can you relate? “It seems like running never gets easier. It’s a constant struggle.” “Other runners look elegant, I just feel like I am straining my body when I run.” Many beginner runners share these feelings. […]

Strength Training Motivation: 6 Excuses to Forget

Everyone’s been there: you planned to exercise today, but you’ve got no motivation to work out. You can think of plenty of excuses why it’s not possible to squeeze in a strength training session today… Are you ready to tap into a well of training motivation? It’s time to forget about these 6 excuses. Excuse […]

Six Underrated Ways To Boost Your Business Potential

[Small Business Employers Will Hire Employees. They Will Also Have Various Items Delivered.] by Alex Belsey Many businesses are experiencing a slump in recent times. Whether it is due to the global health crisis, political upheaval, personal issues, or anything else, there is no denying that recent months have been challenging for businesses and individuals […]

Top 8 Artificial and Natural Sweeteners

Sugar is addictive,(1) leads to obesity,(2) and is even suspected of increasing the risk of cancer.(3) Not great news – especially if you think that about 80% of packaged foods contain added sugar. The World Health Organization (WHO)… …recommends consuming a maximum of 50 g of sugar per day (12 teaspoons).  Most of us eat […]