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QuinStreet Capital LLC

QuinStreet Capital LLC is a technology company formulated by a qualified Certified Chartered Accountant with strong interest in risk management and forex markets. Our team comprises of professional traders, accountants, money managers and algorithms developers with strong strength in building profitable forex algorithms.

QuinStreet Capital LLC is the preferred institution for anyone seeking to access the profit potential available on daily basis in this $2 trillion forex market. The opportunity is huge for anyone with the relevant knowledge, tools and skills to tap this gigantic money market. It must be understood that, given the speed of the market high frequency trading offer significant profit potentials, this is why the core of our business is to develop profitable algorithms tested to withdrawn any type of market condition.

QuinStreet Capital LLC

Enjoy Life’s Possibilities.

The profit potential available in this market have attracted tens of thousands of people from around the world to forex trading every year with 90% of them losing money flat out, because humans are fighting with robots. QuinStreet Capital aims to offer a solution for individuals and investors who might have lost money in the past and looking to recover their lost capital or those who do not have the necessary skills to build their own robots, access to a managed trading service that seeks to provide high returns while significantly limiting risk of loss. With us anyone from around the world can access our managed trading service and profit significantly while never having to worry about losing their money to the robots trading the markets. We build profitable forex robots that’s is capable of competing and winning the forex war with other robots in this market.

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How The Service Works

Investing into a Managed Account is easy as 1,2,3

  • Step 1

    Decide How Much To Invest

    Invest in GBP, USD, or EUR, minimum £100 needed or currency equivalent. There are no fees charged to enter or exit this investment.

  • Step 2

    Apply To Join

    Open a broker account, complete documents, including a suitability assessment to ensure you are suited for this type of investment. If approved you will sign a LPOA granting Quantic to trade your account on your behalf using the QuinStreet Management strategies.

  • Step 3

    Select Investment Strategy

    Select the QuinStreet strategy that suits your requirements and Quantic will manage your account on your behalf. You receive 70% of all profits made on your investment. You can view the performance of your investment 24/7 by logging into the client online portal.

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Frequently Ask Question

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You can invest from $100.00, you will get a share of the profit based on the level of capital invested by you. Please refer to our Investing Process page for more information.

You will provide us with authority to trade your account but we have no other access to withdraw your money or do any other things other than trade the account for you.

No trader can guarantee anything, nothing is guaranteed in this world, however given our track record we have been consistent in taking out profits from the markets for decades, our investors have benefited from consistent profits and safety of capital.

Yes, you have all the rights to your money, all you need to do is contact your broker and ask for withdrawal.

We continue to build army of local representatives who will be on hand to help with account set-up, identity verification and other things necessary to get you up and running in short to ensure you get profit share in shortest time possible.

Your money is kept in a segregated account by our fully regulated broker, we work with brokers on highest repute in this industry. Therefore your funds are in safe hands, accessible anytime you need them.

Kindly email use on info@quinstreetcapital.com for answer to any questions not already answered here.


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