About Us

Small But Mighty is the best way to describe this Black Female owned Pharmacy . Although only having few employees, this Pharmacy has served the Dellwood Community for over 13 years under the previous name Rehoboth Pharmacy. And through this time of 13 plus years we have seen customers from all different walks of life, back grounds , and financial status . And with every situation we tried to accommodate to people’s needs. It is sometimes easy for big companies to overlook the individual needs of its customers, but not this Pharmacy. All of the workers here have experience in customer service, giving medicine, giving immunizations, providing General Health answers, and most importantly always serving with kindness. This Pharmacy has served thousands of people in the last 13 years and counting. Providing the best service with the best smile.

Specialized services :

  • 1. Free delivery
  • 2. Prescription drugs Assistance Program
  • 3. Medication Therapy management
  • 4. Medication synchronization
  • 5. Diabetes self management education
  • 6. Long term care pharmacy
  • 7. Immunizations

Who We Are?

Our goal is to make a difference in the way patients manage chronic conditions. We understand how overwhelming and sometimes frustrating it may be having to take various medications. For many patients, it is easier to consult with a pharmacist versus a physician as some physicians may leave you feeling rushed.

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